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Prepaying For Cremation

Sep 21


When you prepay for cremation services, you are essentially renting the funeral service from the provider you are buying the service from. You are paying for the use of the facility and the right of use. It is typically a simple arrangement that allows you to have control of a service you are paying for without being involved in all of the decision making process. It also allows the funeral home to have a resource they can turn to in case you unexpectedly need to cancel the service or make other arrangements. But what should you be aware of when you are signing a contract for this?


When you prepay for cremation services, you are essentially renting the funeral service from the funeral home. The funeral plan will specify the type of services that are included, the cost, and how long you have to pay for the service. In many instances, this is just a standard rental agreement. Because you are paying a flat rate, not a percentage of the total cost, it is important that you understand all the details of the contract and are comfortable with them.


There are some concerns that are less common but may be as important as the concerns that come up when you prepay for cremation services on your own. For instance, many people do not consider the issue of pre-planning. They believe that they can go into the funeral home and select the kind of service they want at no cost to themselves. While this is true to an extent, the reality is much different. Not only do most funeral plans require pre-planning, they often include provisions that will be very expensive to modify, such as a time limit on the event.


Another concern that people who prepay for cremation services face is that they feel like they are being shortchanged. Often, funeral homes charge more than they could possibly charge for these services because there is a built in discount for the facility. This discount is based on how many clients the funeral homes serves each year. Because the family does not have to pay anything upfront, the overall payment for the facility may be significantly higher than it would if they shopped for their services on their own.


The third concern that many families face is the issues of embalming and casket fitting. Although not required, many people opt to have the cremation process performed without the use of a casket. Although the price might seem higher, this is not always the case as many caskets can become damaged during transport or even during the actual cremation process. If the family wishes to have the casket, it is best to have it done during the funeral service itself in order to avoid any additional damage to the casket or to the remains.


Although most funeral homes do provide caskets, it is important to note that the cost associated with the casket can vary greatly depending on the wood, metal, or type of body used. It is best to have the direct cremation option prepared at the time of the funeral service is planned and ordered. This allows the direct cremation process to begin the day of death instead of waiting until the end of the ceremony. If a direct cremation option is not provided by the funeral home, many clients are often able to find a local direct crematory that will prepare the casket on their behalf.


The fourth thing to consider when getting cremated services is insurance. Many times, the funeral home will offer a policy known as a guaranteed advance on death insurance policy. The purpose of this policy is to reimburse the client for any cremations that are necessary. This insurance policy should be discussed with any funeral director that offers the service before the final contract has been signed and cash paid for the services. Even though the cremation costs are covered in the policy, it is important to note that if the insured individual passes before the time allotted on the policy there is nothing that would replace the loss of family income. This is why it is best to have the insurance in place before hand and know exactly how much the total cremation costs will be prior to the final pay out.


The final thing to keep in mind when getting cremated services is that families need to make sure that they have chosen a reputable funeral home prior to arranging a cremation. Reputable funeral homes should have state licensed funeral directors on staff. These funeral directors will be trained to handle all aspects of the cremation process including direct cremation costs. Also, these funeral homes should offer any client information or customer testimonials that will allow the client to compare the funeral home services to those of other providers.

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