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New Options for Final Expense Coverage for Cremation Burials

Sep 21

Networth Life offers burial and cremation insurance in Houston, Texas, that includes coverage for cremation services. Many residents of Houston have referred to Networth Life as a family-planning resource. The direct selling company has been in business since 1974 and serves communities in Texas and throughout the country. Many of its clients are located in Houston. Leadership team with over 30 years of combined sales experience has helped Houstonians secure affordable and easy final expense burial and cremation coverage.

With so many people planning funerals these days, many people find it difficult to cover the cost of a funeral and the fees associated with a memorial service. The rising costs of funerals and memorial services make many people feel they have no choice but to bury their loved one at home. What most people do not realize is that there is still burial and cremation final expense insurance available to them. In some cases, coverage can be purchased independently from the main policy while in other cases, the coverage will be included with the main policy.


When purchasing burial coverage, many clients wonder if it is better to go with a traditional funeral home or crematory. What are the differences? How much does it cost? How much time away from loved ones will you have to endure? The answers to these questions and more are explained below.


A traditional funeral service involves an extended waiting period following the death of the person who has been cremated. This waiting period can be several weeks or longer depending upon the circumstances surrounding the cremation process. During this period, family members of the deceased may worry about making funeral arrangements, holding personal memorial services, paying funeral expenses, writing an obituary, collecting applicable taxes, and even making travel arrangements for the departed. The entire funeral process can consume a large amount of time that friends and family members would rather use for other important family matters.


When opting for cremation services, most funeral homes offer a short waiting period. For example, it could take six weeks from the date of death for a family member or friend to be able to select a final resting place in a cemetery or other location. This shorter period of time allows those family members more time to plan other funeral arrangements, pay funeral expenses, and plan events such as a wake, memorial service, or cremation. While friends and family will still be required to wait for these items to be paid for by other means, the waiting period makes life easier for everyone involved.


Cremation services also make it easier to hold a memorial service for a loved one. Many people opt to have a memorial service at a local memorial or cremation services park. These parks are maintained to allow access by families for photos, handouts, and mementos. Since cremation services can be held at the final resting place for the deceased, many parks feature a spacious open area in which to hold memorials.


Even though many prefer cremation over traditional burial, there are some people who are not comfortable with the idea. If you are among this group of people, you should keep the following in mind. Although most funeral homes now offer cremation services, some people would prefer to have the traditional burial. There are funeral providers who specialize in providing caskets for cremation instead of traditional burial.


A crematory may also be the best option if your loved one has already been cremated. If you opt for cremation services, be sure to contact a reputable funeral provider to discuss your options. Although this will cost you more, the cost can be offset by the peace and quiet that you will experience after the cremation process is completed. The cremation process is much quieter than a traditional burial and will leave behind a less stressful memorial service for your family. cremation is also less expensive over the long run.


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