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Funeral Plan News - Funeral Plans And Policies You Should Know About

Jun 29

Funeral plan news is a type of bulletin that gives information on various funeral plans and methods which one can take to reduce the cost of a funeral or make it easier to manage. This type of news provides a lot of reviews, options and tips on how to lessen the burden of funeral expenses so that families can plan for the future of their loved ones. Some of the things covered are:

  1. Decreasing the death rate is one way to lower your funeral costs. Many families who have less income experience difficulty in keeping up with funeral planning services because of their lack of proper financial management. Others opt for the option of short burial services that allow them to pay for the funeral in full, have their remains buried and then pay a memorial fee to have a plot built in their hometown. It is important to note that although short burial services tend to be cheaper, this can also be very stressful for the surviving family members.
  2. Most families now choose cremation over direct cremation, which allows for cheaper cremation fees. Direct cremation is when the body is not placed in a container before cremation. This service usually requires a viewing and memorial service. Families who opt for cremation only pay for the cremation itself and have their ashes placed in a separate container at a cemetery.
  3. Most funeral plan providers now provide access to "Funeral Service Planning" software that allows you to create a customized service in-house. With this software, you can select your own religious or secular orientation, choose from various types of services, and even adjust the amount of money that will be contributed by the guests. This allows for more control over your funeral costs and makes the service memorable for all those left behind. This type of program can be purchased through most funeral planning services or the Internet. Other providers do not offer this service.
  4. More families are choosing to hold interment services instead of a traditional funeral. Interment is when the body is placed in a ground burial. This does not require a headstone, although it is nice to have a headstone for those who are interested in it. Interment is a much more affordable alternative than a traditional funeral, which can be quite costly. Other funeral planning companies now offer "body bags" that can be filled with the deceased's belongings and then buried in the backyard or front yard of the family home for the family to view.
  5. More people today are electing to have a "pay-back" option in their life insurance policy so that families who may need financial assistance following the funeral service can have the money saved should they need it. If the surviving family members need a loan, this option can help. The payment can be made directly to the funeral home or directly to the lender. Many lenders offer this type of payment program. Other banks offer a direct deposit system that allows loved ones to have money directly deposited into their bank account within twenty-four hours of the service.

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