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Do You Need a Cremation?

Oct 22

Do you need a cremation? It depends on many different factors. If you or a family member has just died, you might be wondering when you will be cremated and if a memorial or funeral service will be held. Or, you could be unsure about your cremation policy and how to handle the cremation of your loved one.

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The first thing you must determine is whether or not you will have a memorial or funeral service. Some people prefer a memorial or funeral service because it gives family and friends a chance to remember their loved one and say their final farewells. However, some people choose cremation because they are able to have a viewing or oral presentation of their ashes before the cremation service. Other people simply do not wish to attend a memorial or funeral service because they believe that the deceased is in heaven and that a cremation service will be disrespectful.


The time of year also makes a difference in whether or not you will need a cremation urn. In cold weather climates, a cremation urn may not be required at all. Cremation services can be held on any day, regardless of the time of the year. However, it is most common for a cremation service to be held on a weekend, at night, or after the holidays. If you hold a service during the holidays, you might want to consider purchasing a plastic casket instead of a traditional wood cremation urn. Plastic caskets are less expensive and will last longer than traditional wood caskets.


Another factor that will determine if you will need a cremation urn is what type of memorial or funeral service you plan on having. There are many types of cremation ceremonies, which can be done using a number of different methods. If you choose a traditional service, a cremation service provider would provide a casket for the deceased. You would then have the option to place a stone marker or urn within the casket, or if you prefer, leave the stone or urn at a memorial service location such as a garden or local park. You can even have your ashes sent to various locations around the country.


If you elect to use a non-traditional method of cremation, you may still want to choose a cremation service provider. Some religious groups like the Catholic Church use a cremation service. Others like the Jewish Orthodox group, the Christian Coalition, or the Unitarian Universalist faith. A cremation service is just one of the options to remember and honor a loved one. Other types of services include funeral wake, viewing, and even an autopsy.


Another question to ask yourself, "Do you need a cremation?" could also be, "How much will a cremation cost?" The cost of a cremation varies depending on how much your loved one was worth to you. If your loved one was your source of pride and inspiration, they would likely be very disappointed with the decision to pass away. However, a service is a way to remember them and give the family the opportunity to grieve without worrying about money.


Cremation urns are not always cheap. Prices for urns vary from two dollars to several hundred dollars. Many cremation urns are made from wood, marble, or metals.


Do you have any ashes remaining from your loved one? If so, you can always have the remains cremated. This will help pay for the burial expenses. In some cases, if there is a will, the remains can be buried next to the urn. Other families keep the ashes with them, for whatever purpose. It is best to find out exactly what your options are ahead of time so you don't end up confused.


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