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How Long Will Window Tint Take To Dry?

May 11

A lot of people choose to tint their windows in order to improve the appearance of their home or car. It is a way to provide security and privacy from sun's rays.

If people are thinking about tinting their windows, one of the questions they frequently are asked is how long the film will take to dry. We'll answer this question and provide some suggestions to make sure that the process of drying is as easy as it can be.

What are the different kinds of Window Tint?

Before we talk about the time it takes for window tint to dry, let us briefly discuss the different types of window film. This will allow you to understand the process of drying and what different factors impact the process.

Window film is colored, metalized, or carbonized in three different types. The dye is applied on the film's surface in order to produce colored window film. The tint is typically cheaper than other kinds, however it's not as durable. If exposed to intense sunlight for long periods it will fade.

When you apply a thin layer of metallic to the film's surface, a metalized window films can be created. The tint is more durable than dyed films, however it could cause interference with GPS as well as radio signals.

Carbon window films are made by adding a layer of of carbon on the film's surface. The tint is extremely long-lasting and won't hinder GPS or radio signals.

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How is the time required to dry various types of films?

We know now what the different types of window films appear like. Let's talk about the time it takes for each to dry.

Window film dyed typically dries within 24 hours. It is advised to allow 48 hours between washing your car or rolling the windows shut.

It could take up to 72 hours for the metalized window film to completely dry. It is suggested that you take for at least 48 hours prior to washing your car and then rolling down the windows.

Carbon window film takes 72 hours to completely dry. It is possible to roll your windows down after 24 hours.

What happens when you don't allow for the tint of your window to dry?

There is a risk of damaging the window tint if you do not allow it enough time to dry. The adhesive may become loose and start peeling off when it is exposed to water. This can cause the bubble of the film to explode in extreme instances. If you wish to ensure that the film to last, let it to completely dry prior to washing your vehicle or roll down the windows.

Tips for Drying Window Tint More Fast

There are a few ways you can accelerate the drying process in the event that you don't have the time to wait 48 hours for the tint to be applied to your windows.

Hair dryers are an excellent method to speed up the drying process of window tint. The hairdryer must be set to the lowest setting. The film should be kept approximately 12 inches away from it. The hairdryer must be moved around until it is dry.

It is also possible to dry the tint of your windows by parking your car in direct sunlight. The sun's warmth speeds the drying process. It is important to not open your windows until the film is completely dry. In the event that you do, you may cause damage to the film.


Window tint usually takes around two to three days for drying. If you're not able to afford enough time to wait, there are some methods to speed up the drying process. Window tints can be dried quicker with a hairdryer or perhaps directly in the sunlight. It is not recommended to open the windows until the film is completely dry. This can cause damage.

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